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Adventures in Odyssey

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A picture show many Adventures in Odyssey characters.

Adventures in Odyssey (1987 – present) is an Christian radio drama/comedy series with over 630 episodes that is played on hundreds of radio stations all over the world.


John Avery "Whit" Whittaker

  • "I like my pants. They're comfortable."[1]
Simple: I do like my pants. They feel nice when I wear them.

Eugene Meltsner

A wall in the real-life Whit's End.
  • "To borrow the colloquialism... "
Simple: To say this not professionally...
  • "Has anyone seen my keys?"
Simple: Does anyone know where my keys are?

Wooton Bassett

  • "I'm becoming a verb in Odyssey. When their kids are doing something silly, parents are always tell them to stop 'Wooton' around!"
Simple: My name is becoming a verb in our town. When a child does something that is silly, their parent tells them to stop "Wooten" around.
What it means: Wooten is saying that when a parent sees their child doing something strange, they think how Wooten does similar things.

Tom Riley

  • "I have said it before and I will say it again. There's just somethin' wrong with that boy!"[2]
Simple: That child is different from us.


  1. Tales of a Small-Town Thug
  2. Flash Flood

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