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Anarky is a comic book character published by DC Comics. Anarky was created by Alan Grant, who thought of the character and wrote the story, and Norm Breyfogle, who drew him. Anarky first appeared in Detective Comics #608, in November 1989. Sometimes he is written as an enemy of Batman, and other times he is written as a hero. Anarky represents anarchism, the philosophy that there should be no government because it is harmful, and people would be happy without it.

Sourced quotes

  • "I believe in the absolute freedom of the individual. I believe that the present order must be abolished."[1]
Simple: I believe a person should be completely free. I believe that the current society must end.
  • "There's something just feels so good about... destruction. But not destruction for its own sake. This is a cleansing... A ridding of the old... It's necessary."[1]
Simple: Destruction can feel good, but there should be a good reason. Things have to be cleaned. Old things have to be thrown away. It has to be done.
  • "The world is run by elites -- bankers, the military, government agencies. Criminals all!"[2]
Simple: The world is controlled by a few people: people who control banks, the military, and work in government. They are all criminals.
  • "I'm against anything that's against people! Cruelty -- brutality -- exploitation... These are the enemies of the people -- The enemies of Anarky!"[3]
Simple: I am against things that hurt people. People are against cruelty, brutality, and exploitation, and so am I.
  • "Society is rotten. It will only be changed when the people see the greed, arrogance and brutality of those who rule them!"[4]
Simple: Society is bad. It will only change when people see that those in charge are greedy, arrogant, and brutal.
  • "Batman's misguided. He fights the results of crime, but not the causes. He takes on individual cases... but he fails to see the wider picture!"[5]
Simple: Batman does not understand. He stops crime, but does not stop what created crime. Batman ends one crime at a time, but he does not understand the whole situation.
  • "I don't believe in god. In the future, we will all be responsible for our own acts."[6]
Simple: I do not believe in god. In the future, people will take responsibility for what they do.
  • "My pocket dictionary defines evil as 'bad, harmful.' But that's only half the story. Evil needs to be intentional."[6]
Simple: The dictionary defines evil as 'bad.' That is not all evil is. Evil is also something people choose to do.

Quotes about Anarky

Quotes by fictional characters

  • "He's a straight-a student... Cocky -- confident -- thought he knew all the answers, had to do it his way. Yet I can't help but admire him."[1]
Simple: Anarky is a student that earns good grades. He is cocky and confident. He thought he knew solutions to every problem, and would only do what he wanted. But I admire him.
About the quote: This quote was written by Alan Grant, and was spoken by Batman.
  • "I know you alright — A 14-year-old genius who thinks his extremist ideals justify any crime."[7]
Simple: I know you, Anarky. You are a 14-year-old genius. You think your extreme ideals justify your crimes.
About the quote: This quote was written by Alan Grant, and was spoken by Tim Drake.

Quotes by real people

  • "Anarky’s world clashes as much with the traditional world of superheroes as it does with the world of crime. So the interplay between him and Green Lantern and him and Superman is not the usual kind of hero interplay."[8]
About the quote: This quote is by Alan Grant.
  • "...Norm and I (like I said, we’re very different people) agree with Anarky’s perception of what’s wrong with the world. It is something we feel very strongly about. Although we want the book to be very entertaining, as all comic books have to be, we’re trying to say something else; there is another viewpoint of the world from another direction. You might see that you’re being conned. It is quite difficult to present that in an entertaining fashion. We’ve succeeded, I think, largely in part to Norman’s artwork. It’s as dynamic as anything I’ve ever seen him do. He draws Anarky as if he loves the character."[8]
About the quote: This quote is by Alan Grant.
  • "(Anarky is) a philosophical action hero, an Aristotle in tights, rising above mere "crime-fighter" status into the realm of incisive social commentary. In fact, Anarky exists primarily to challenge the status quo of hierarchical power, and he may be the first mainstream comics hero of his type to do it consistently and with such rational intelligence...
    "Although super-heroes' primary goal is to entertain, they also have the potential to meet this higher challenge, and I like to think that Anarky is leading the charge. After all, it's his very nom de guerre and purpose for existing!"[9]
About the quote: This quote is by Norm Breyfogle.
  • "[Anarky] became—even more than Batman—a more synergistic element between Alan and me. It was the fruition of our professional relationship in that we were discussing (through faxes) a lot of the philosophical issues, day by day, that Alan was putting into the Anarky storyline."[10]
About the quote: This quote is by Norm Breyfogle.
  • "In the age of the anti-hero, it only makes sense to have the occasional anti-villain as well. But unlike sociopathic vigilante anti-heroes like the Punisher, an anti-villain like Anarky provides some interesting food for thought. Sure, he breaks the law, but what he really wants is to save the world... and maybe he's right."[11]
About the quote: This quote is by Todd VerBeek, a comic book reviewer.
  • "Anarky is my favorite comic-book character... Anarky represents an impressive voice for liberty in today's comics."[12]
About the quote: This quote is by Roderick Long, a political commentator.


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