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Barbara Amiel

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Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, Lady Black of Crossharbour (born December 4, 1940, in Watford, Hertfordshire) is a British-Canadian journalist and writer.

Sourced quotes

  • "All share complicity in the destruction of that much under-rated phenomenon called liberty."[1]
Simple: Everyone is partly responsible for the destruction of freedom. People do not see that freedom has a very high value.
  • "After the hurt had passed and I had cried a bit, after I got over the fright of sleeping in cellars underneath the furnace pipes, I came to cherish my freedom..."[2]    
Simple: After the hurt was finished and was in the past, and after I had cried for a short time, and after I stopped being afraid of sleeping in cellars under the pipes that bring air from the furnace, I started to love my freedom.
  • "When virtue is at liberty, so to some extent is vice."[3]
Simple: When good qualities are free, then bad qualities are also partly free.


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