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These are quotes about education.

Sourced quotes

  • Education is the factory that turns animals into human beings. […] If women are educated, that means their children will be too. If the people of the world want to solve the hard problems in Afghanistan — kidnapping, beheadings, crime and even al-Qaeda — they should invest in [our] education.[1]
    • Ghulam Hazrat Tanha, Director of Education, Herat, Afghanistan
Simple: Education makes people civilized and intelligent. When woman are educated, their children will also be educated. If people want to solve the problems in Afghanistan like kidnappings or murders or terrorists, they should be educated.

Unsourced quotes

  • "When children stop asking questions, it's time for parents to ask their own."
    • Leonid S. Sukhorukov, All About Everything
Simple: When children have no questions, parents should ask them their own questions.
  • "It is by doing good that we become good."
    • Jean Jacques Rousseau, Emile
Simple: By doing good things, we become good ourselves.
  • "Nothing which is useful can be taught."
    • Oscar Wilde
Simple: Useful things cannot be taught.
  • "School is punishment for the crime of being young."
    • Nana Lee
Simple: Going to school is like being punished for being young.


  1. Baker, Aryn, "Afghanistan's Girl Gap", Time, 21 January, 2008.

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