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Interwiki links are links on an article that help users see the same article that they are viewing on many different languages. Interwiki links are placed on articles when the article exists on other language Wikiquotes.

An example of an interwiki link is as follows:

  • [[en:Xenophon]]

To make an interwiki link, you need to make sure that the page that you are adding the interwiki link to exists. Then, once you make sure of that, as in the example above, place 2 brackets next to each other. After that, type in the language code for the target Wikiquote that you want to link the article to. For example:

  • en for English Wikiquote
  • it for Italian Wikiquote
  • es for Spanish Wikiquote

After you get the language code for the target Wikiquote, type in a colon and then the title of the article. It should look as such:

  • [[en:<title of article goes here>]]

Note: Replace the <title of article goes here> with the title of the article.

If your interwiki link looks like this, then you are almost done. Lastly, type in two brackets of the other way than the previous ones. It should now look like this:

  • [[en:<title of article goes here>]]

You can use the following to help you make interwiki links:

  • [[<language code goes here>:<title of article goes here>]]

Note 1: Replace <language code goes here> with the language code, such as en or it.

Note 2: Replace <title of article goes here> with the title of the article you are linking.