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Kedar Joshi

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Kedar Joshi, pictured in March 2006

Kedar Joshi (born 1979) is a philosopher and writer. His writings are named as “Superultramodern Science and Philosophy”. The popular writings are “The NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) Theory” and “The UQV (Ultimate Questioner’s Vanity) Theory”.

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Quotations – Superultramodern Science and Philosophy

Quotations – Superultramodern Science and Philosophy at SelectedWorks

  • ”The world is truly beautiful solely in the eyes of a true philosopher.”
Simple: The world is completely beautiful only for a true philosopher.
  • “Truth may have been found but might never be known.”
Simple: We may have found the truth, but probably we will never know that we have found it.
  • ”The real doubt is the doubt that doubts that it doubts.”
Simple: A doubt is truly a doubt only when it is doubtful that it is doubting.
  • ”Man is programmed to find the programmer.”    
Simple: Man is a machine which has been programmed by a programmer in such a way that it will eventually find the programmer.
  • ”I know what the world exists for, but I know not how it came into existence. I see the design, but not the designer. I understand the question, but not the questioner.”
Simple: I know the reason why the world exists, but I do not know the process by which the world was born. I can see the design of the world, but I cannot see the one who designed it. I know the question, but I do not know the one who is asking the question.
  • ”The worst of all superstitions may be that astrology is a superstition.”
Simple: The worst superstition may be that astrology is a superstition.
  • ”Theists and atheists are equally religious.”
Simple: Theists and atheists are religious to the same degree.
  • ”It is impossible to imagine existence void of any intelligence.”
Simple: It is not possible to imagine something existing with no intelligence.
  • ”The final discovery is the discovery of knowledge.”
Simple: There can be no discovery after the discovery of knowledge.
  • ”The last thing I can believe is the illusion of consciousness.”
Simple: The thing I believe in the least is the illusion of consciousness.
  • ”Life is too meaningful to die.”
Simple: Life has so much meaning that it cannot end.
  • ”God created the world to be praised on the subtle nature of his existence.”
Simple: God created the world to gain praise regarding the subtle nature of his existence.
  • ”God invented truth, and made Man discover it.”
Simple: God invented truth and made arrangements so that Man can discover the truth.
  • ”What can be greater to life than to understand its meaning.”
Simple: Nothing can be superior in life than understanding the meaning of life.
  • ”The failure of the past philosophers is largely the failure to see the self-evident.”
Simple: The failure of the philosophers in the past is mostly the failure to recognize self-evident truths.
  • ”Space is really non-spatial.”
Simple: In fact, space is not spatial.
  • ”The best thing about the world is that it has a mysterious structure and the worst thing is that it has a grievous structure.”
Simple: The best thing regarding the world is that there is mystery in it, and the worst thing regarding the world is that there is suffering in it.

Quotations – General

Quotations – General at SelectedWorks

  • ”I wish I can enjoy no food but food for thought.”
Simple: I wish the only food I can enjoy is the food for thought.
  • ”Man is a born slave; a slave of his necessities.”
Simple: Man is born as a slave of the things necessary to himself.
  • ”The worst insult I can inflict on life is that I do not reflect on its meaning.”
Simple: The worst insult I can give to life is that I do not try to understand its meaning.
  • ”Painful life is brutal and painless life is superficial.”
Simple: Life with pain is cruel, and life without pain is shallow.
  • ”The best gift God has given me is my life of a philosopher, and the worst curse is that He put that philosopher in the cage of flesh and blood.”
Simple: My life as a philosopher is the best gift God has given me, and the existence of that philosopher in the cage of flesh and blood is the worst curse God has given me.
  • ”The best of humanity is philosophy.”
Simple: Amongst all things, philosophy is the best thing that mankind has produced.

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