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Pastor Rick Warren

Rick Warren (born January 28, 1954, in San Jose, California) is an American Evangelical Christian pastor and author.

Unsourced quotes

  • "Before something can be dynamic it must first be specific."
Simple: Before something can be active it must be specific first.
  • "Never stop learning. All leaders are learners. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading. Growing churches require growing pastors. The moment you stop growing, your church stops growing."
Simple: Do not ever stop learning. Every leader learns. If you stop learning, then you will stop being a leader. A growing church needs to have a pastor that grows. And if you stop growing, then your church will stop growing.
  • "A church should be judged not on its seating capacity, but on its sending capacity."    
Simple: A good church is not one that has many people going to it, but that is sending many people from it into ministry.

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