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Robert Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood

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Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood (September 14, 1864 – November 24, 1958) was a lawyer, politician and diplomat.

Unsourced quotes

  • "A wise man looks upon men as he does on horses; all their comparisons of title, wealth, and place, he consider but as harness."
Simple: A wise man thinks about men the same way he thinks about horses. All the things like being dukes, earls, knights and people like that, and their amount of money, and where they live -- a wise man thinks of these things only the way he thinks about a horse's harness.
  • "Solitude shows us what should be; society shows us what we are."
Simple: Being alone shows us the way things need to be. A group of people shows us the way we are.
  • "Examples is more forcible than precept. People look at my six days in the week to see what I mean on the seventh."
Simple: Examples are a better way to change peoples' ideas than talking. People look at the way I am for six days every week. Then when I say things on the seventh day, they know what I mean.

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