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School of Rock

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Jack Black playing guitar

School of Rock is a 2003 comedy film with Jack Black playing Dewey Finn. When Dewey Finn gets voted out of his rock band, he pretends to be his friend Ned Schneebly and takes a substitute teaching job at Horace Green Elementary School. While teaching there, he secretly turns his class into a rock band in time for the Battle of the Bands.

Dewey Finn

  • "His friend Ned has said that maybe he should sells one of his guitars instead of getting a job] What!? Would you tell Picasso to sell one of his guitars?!"
Simple: Is it a joke? Would you tell Pablo Picasso to sell one of his guitars?
What it means: He thinks his guitars are worth as much to him as Picasso's paintings (but he is a bit stupid, and says guitars instead of paintings)
  • "Let’s get rocking!"
Simple: Let's play some rock music!
  • "I heard you in music class. You guys can really play. [angrily] Why didn't anyone tell me?!"
Simple: I heard you play in the music class earlier. You can play very well. Why didn't one of you tell me?!

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