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Simple English Wikiquotes This category can be found at [[:Category:{{{1}}}]].

Note: This category page should be empty. Any pages in this category should be moved to [[:Category:{{{1}}}]].

[edit] Template documentation

This template is a notice telling editors that articles and subcategories should not be placed in the category that the notice appears on, but into a different category. The template is useful for putting on poorly or wrongly named categories so that editors will know the right categories to use.

To tell editors not to use the category "Category:American people", but to place articles and subcategories into "Category:Americans" instead, type the following at the top of the "Category:American people" page:

{{category redirect|Americans}}

The template should only be used on category pages, and not on articles, talk pages or other types of Wikipedia pages. The template should not be substituted, so do not type "{{subst:Category redirect|Writers}}".

If you find articles and subcategories in a category that has this template placed on it, please help to recategorize them under the new category or other suitable categories.