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This template is used to cite sources in Wikiquote. It is specifically for books.


All field names must be lowercase.

Full version (copy and paste text below and delete parameters you don't need)
{{cite book |last1= |first1= |authorlink1= |last2= |first2= |editor1-first= |editor1-last= |editor1-link= |others= |title= |url= |format= |accessdate= |edition= |series= |volume= |date= |year= |month= |origyear= |publisher= |location= |language= |isbn= |oclc= |doi= |id= |page= |pages= |chapter= |chapterurl= |quote= |ref= |bibcode= |laysummary= |laydate= |separator= |postscript= |lastauthoramp=}}
Most commonly used fields (use this and you won't have to delete as much)
{{cite book |title= |last= |first= |coauthors= |year= |publisher= |isbn= |page= |url= }}
Example 1

{{cite book |last= Cordell |first= Bruce R. |coauthors= Jeff Grubb, David Yu |title= [[Manual of the Planes]] |publisher= [[Wizards of the Coast]] |year= 2001 |month= September |isbn= 0-7869-1850-8 }}

Cordell, Bruce R.; Jeff Grubb, David Yu (September 2001). Manual of the Planes. Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0-7869-1850-8. 

Example 2
{{cite book
  | last = Mumford
  | first = David
  | authorlink = David Mumford
  | title = The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes
  | publisher = [[Springer-Verlag]]
  | series = Lecture notes in mathematics 1358
  | year = 1999
  | doi = 10.1007/b62130
  | isbn = 354063293X }}

Mumford, David (1999). The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes, Lecture notes in mathematics 1358. Springer-Verlag. DOI:10.1007/b62130. ISBN 354063293X. 

Vertical list Prerequisites * Brief instructions
{{cite book
 editor or editor-last
 editorn or editorn-last
 year or date
 page or pages
 coauthors or >1 lastn
 (no wikilink)
 (no wikilink)
 alternative to first2, last2...first9, last9
 (no wikilink). n=1 through 9
 n=1 through 4
 n=1 through 4
 n=1 through 4
 n=1 through 4
 n=1 through 4
 †preferred (no wikilink)
  alternative to date
 hides automatic 'p' or 'pp'.
 ‡(no wikilink)

† This is the preferred field with its alternates listed below.

‡ If chapterurl is provided then chapter can not have wikilinks.