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This template is used to give out the Working Man's Barnstar on the Simple English Wikiquote.


{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|gender}}

For the gender option, there are two optional paramaters:

w = Woman's
n = Wikiquotian's

If none of these parameters are supplied, or no parameter is present, Man's is the default gender given, in order to comply with previous versions of this template.


In the following examples, the four tildes (~~~~) have be left unwikified in order to properly display the output of this template.

Example 1

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|w}}


The Working Woman's Barnstar
message ~~~~

Example 2

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|n}}


The Working Wikiquotian's Barnstar
message ~~~~

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