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[edit] Template documentation


There are a number of templates that you can use to display links to templates.

Template Description Syntax Example
{{Tl}} "Tl" stands for "template link". It displays a template name as a link surrounded by braces (curly brackets), thus showing how the template should be typed. You will find the template useful when writing instructions and to talk about templates on talk pages. {{tl|Welcome}} {{Welcome}}
{{Tltt}} "Tltt" stands for "template link with tooltip". The template is like {{Tl}}, but allows you to state a tooltip for each template. A tooltip is a line of text that is shown when you use your computer mouse to move the cursor over the template name. (Try it here: {{tltt}}!) The template lets you explain more about a template. {{tltt|Welcome|Here's the tooltip text!|par=p1=1st parameter|
par2=p2=2nd parameter}}
{{Welcome|p1=1st parameter|p2=2nd parameter}}
{{Tltts}} This template is the same as {{Tltt}}, except that it is substituted. {{subst:tltts|Welcome|Here's the tooltip text!|par=p1=1st parameter|par2=p2=2nd parameter}} {{Welcome|p1=1st parameter|p2=2nd parameter}}