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Your username has been blocked from changing Wikiquote because the username may not meet our username policy.
This is not anything against you, and you are encouraged to choose a new account name that meets our guidelines – we hope to see you editing again soon! If you feel this block was made wrongly, you may quickly and easily ask to be unblocked.

Our username policy says how you should choose your username. Put simply, you should not have a username that people find offensive, advertises a real world group or company, or is confusing (for instance, if it pretends to be another user).

If you have already made changes and wish to keep your changes under a new name you may ask us to rename your account. If you want to, please follow these directions:

Ask for an unblock
Type {{unblock|reason}} on your Template:Talk page which you should still be able to change – you want to change your username, so say that. If an admin thinks that you should be unblocked, he or she will do so for you, normally for 24 hours.
Request a change in username
Go here and ask for a new name. It will be changed by someone once they get the request.

Please note that the software Wikiquote uses may automatically block you from creating a new account – this is a mistake, and shouldn't have happened. If this has happened, attract attention using the unblock template as explained above, and an admin will fix it for you.

If you think you shouldn't have been blocked, add {{unblock|your reason here}} on your user talk page or emailing the administrator who blocked you.

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