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The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight is a 2008 film.

Sourced quotes

The Joker

  • "Why so serious?"[1]
Simple: Why are you being so serious?
  • "People reveal their true colors moments before they die, so I guess, I knew your friends better than you ever did."
Simple: People show what they are really like when they are dying. So I know what your friends are really like.
What it means: I killed your friends and so I know them better than you.
  • "Evening, commissioner."
Simple: Hello.


  • [about Rachel] Let her go...
    The Joker: Ooh, very poor choice of words…(laughs)[1]
What it means: The Joker is holding Rachel over a long drop. Batman says "let her go" meaning "put her down". However, "let her go" can also mean "drop her." So The Joker laughs and drops Rachel.


  • "Welcome to a world without rules."[2]
Simple: Welcome to a world where there are no rules.


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