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Urdu proverbs

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List of common Urdu proverbs.

بچھ بغل میں ڈھنڈورا شھر میں

Roman Urdu: Bacha baghal mein, dhindora shehr mein.
English: Child is in the armpit, chaos in the city
Simple: The thing you are searching for everywhere is right under your nose.

تےل دےکھو اور تےل کی دھار دےکھو

Roman Urdu: Tel dekho aur tel ki dhar dekho.
English: Watch the oil and watch it pour
Simple: Sit back and see what happens

سامپ بھی مر جاءے لاٹھی بھی نا ٹوٹے

Roman Urdu: Samp bhee mar jaye, lathi bhee na tootay.
English: The snake dies and the club doesn't break
Simple: Get rid of the problem while keeping yourself safe

اےک تیر سے دو شکار

Roman Urdu: Ek teer say do shikar.
English: Two hunts with one arrow
Simple: Killing two birds with one stone

بڈھی گھوڑی لال لگام

Roman Urdu: Budhi ghori lal lagam.
English: Old mare, red reigns
Simple: Old is gold

دودھ کا دودھ پانی کا پانی

Roman Urdu: Doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani.
English: Milk of milk, water of water
Simple: To get the true picture

پتھر په لکیر

Roman Urdu: Pathar peh lakir.
English: Line on the rock
Simple: Something that is impossible to change

بھاگتے چور کی لنگوٹی هی سھی

Roman Urdu: Bhagtay chor ki langoti hee sahi.
English: A running thief's underwear is right
Simple: Get what you can before you lose it all