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Wikiquote:Common questions

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  • Q: How do I add a quote by a person who does not have a page on Simple English Wikiquote?
A: First, go to the list of people by name. Put an entry for them on that page. How? Click on the Edit this page link on this left side of the page or at the top of the page. A text window will come up; it will show all of the text of the page. Add the entry by making a link to the page of the person you want to make. A link in a wiki is made with [[double brackets]]. If you want to make a quote page for John Doe, you type [[John Doe]]. Then, click the save page button right under the text box. You should see something like John Doe come up when the page loads. When the entry is in the list of people by name, click on the link for the name you added. You will see another text box come up. Before you add any quotes, write a few sentences about the person and what they did. If John Doe is a famous leader, go ahead and write something about that. Then you can add the quotes. If you saw a quote on a website, you should type its address. You only need to type the link in [single brackets] when the link does not go to a wiki site. Before you begin, read the template to see how to type your page just right. When you finish, (don't forget to click on save page) make a link from the list of people by job to the page you made. If the person of the page you made has a Wikipedia page, you can put a link to it on your simple English Wikiquote page about them. Go back to the page you made. If John Doe has a page at Wikipedia, type [[w:John Doe|]]. It should look like John Doe. When you do that, go back to their Wikipedia page. Add a link to their Wikiquote page that looks like this: [[q:John Doe|]]. It should look like John Doe again.
  • Q: Can I add a quote even if the person who said it is not famous?
A: Generally, Wikiquote has pages on people who are notable. If you are unsure, you may ask on Wikiquote:Simple talk.