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Wikiquote:Editor review

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The place to ask to be granted adminship is Wikiquote:Requests for adminship.

Editor review is a way that users can have their changes to Wikiquote reviewed by others, who will provide tips and pointers on areas for improvement.

Anybody can ask for an editor review, regardless of the amount of time they have been at Wikiquote.

Please note an Editor Review will not necessarily translate to a successful RfA.

When asking for a review, please consider reviewing another editor.
Purge page cache if reviews haven't updated.


Editors are asked to remain civil and assume good faith.

When reviewing, consider:

  • User conduct:
    • Using change summaries correctly
    • Constructive comments on others' talk pages
    • Any problems indicated on user talk page
  • Number and types of edits:
    • Is the editor doing a lot of the same type of small edits (if so, why?)?
    • Is the editor giving ideas to WQ:ST?

Users with an asterisk next to their name in the subheading have not been reviewed at all yet. Users may still need more reviews even if they do not have an asterisk. See this for a good idea to review someone.

Requesting reviews

If you would like to be reviewed, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you have had a previous editor review, don't change it. Either:
    1. Repost it (if it was recent and received little feedback)
    2. Create a new one with a number after your username (usually, 2 if it is your second review, 3 if it is the third, etc), for instance, Wikiquote:Editor review/Jimbo Wales 2.
  2. Do not save the new page! Replace "STATEMENT" in the edit box at the bottom of the page with a brief message about yourself and why you want to be reviewed.
  3. Save the page.
  4. Next, answer the questions accurately.
  5. Add {{Wikiquote:Editor review/USERNAME}} to the top of the list on the Editor Review page.
  6. You will then be reviewed. Once you are happy with the feedback received, remove your section and archive it here.
  7. Optional: you can put the {{Editor review}} template on your user page to tell other users about your review.
  8. Optional: Please add your editor review page to the archive before you are reviewed. You will still be reviewed, but doing this makes it easier for us.

  • Create a subpage using the box below, replacing "USERNAME" with your own username. NOTE: Please make sure there is no space after your username, as this makes it hard for reviewers to reach your request.


Sections with at least one review will be archived at Wikiquote:Editor review/Archives 30 days after they have been created.

Current Reviews