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Wikiquote:Making a new page

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If you want to make a new page, first you need a username. (Click "Create an Account" on that page to get a username.)

You can make a new page in one of these ways:

  • Click on a red link. There are many red links on the Main Page.
  • or write the name of the page in the "search" box and click "go". If it says there is no page with that name, it will tell you where to click to make the page.
  • or change another page and write the name of the new page like this: [[Jane Smith]] . Then you will see "Jane Smith" in red. Click on it to make the new page. You might want to put the link to the new page on one of these pages: Main Page, List of films, List of people by name, or List of themes.
  • or make a new page by writing the name of the page here: