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Main page on meta-wiki: m:Oversight. To request an edit to be oversighted, please see below for instructions.

The oversight function on Wikimedia deletes an edit (or a number of edits) from being seen by users, including administrators. An oversight is done if:

  • The edit clearly breaches somebody's privacy (phone numbers, personal names and addresses, etc.).
  • The edit is libellous. The edit can be deleted on the advice of the Wikimedia Foundation's staff, or when the subject requests its deletion and there is no reason to keep it.
  • The edit is a severe copyright infringement (deleted on the advice of the Wikimedia Foundation's staff).

Hidden revisions are kept in a private log. They can be restored by a developer if a mistake is made.

Requesting an edit to be oversighted

If you see an edit that needs to be oversighted, please do not post it on Wikiquote or anywhere else. Please do this:

Do not broadcast the diff or the content openly. If you contact a steward by IRC, please give them the diff in a private message.

There are currently no oversighters on Wikiquote. Stewards can give themselves the right through Special:UserRights at meta, and once it is done, they can remove it again.