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Wikiquote:Do not make problems to prove something

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This page is a guideline on Wikiquote.
It tells about ways to do things, which many users agree should be the way things should be done.
Major changes to this page should be talked about on the talk page before changing.

Talk about a possible problem that could happen - Do not create one to prove it

Talking about problems is better than showing the possible problems that could happen by making problems yourself.

Some people may sometimes get annoyed or angry when something that is important to them has not been done the way they wanted it to. The person may show other similar situations which were dealt with better, and this would mean there was an "inconsistency" with Wikiquote.

When this happens, the user who is angry may sometimes try to prove their point by showing the problems with the system by making problems happen. These problems are usually disruptive.

Types of problem-making

Using policies badly

Sometimes, to make a point, people use policies badly.

Some examples include

  1. Using the policies to argue something the policy did not mean, even though it may be written in a way that could be read another way.
  2. Using policies to contradict other policies (Using one policy as a defense of breaking another policy)
  3. Pretending the actions of other editors are bad, when they are not
  4. Using only certain parts of a policy, but ignoring other parts
  5. Viewing the policy in your own opinion, and not as it was supposed to be understood
  6. Making false consensus
  7. Stopping discussion from getting anywhere, on purpose
  8. Commonly breaking policies in a small way, so that it is hard to prove they are breaking policy

Not all wrong use of policy is on purpose. Some users may not know all the policies, or may forget about them, so those users are not breaking the rules.

Refusing to listen

Sometimes, people cause arguments by trying to put something on wikiquote, even though it has been proved wrong. They may argue about it, without listening to other users.

Wikiquote works with good faith edits and consensus. When people refuse to listen, even after other people, administrators, etc, explain things to them, then the person is making a point.

Wrong information

If people purposefully put wrong information into Wikiquote, to see how long it can stay there, or to cause disruption, this is wasting people's time, and is making a point.