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Wikiquote:Deletion requests

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If you want a page to go you place request here, please add the following template: {{RfD}}, to the article you want deleted. Then click the link the template gives on that article, and create a discussion page. Then add it under the proper header below, like this:

{{Wikiquote:Deletion requests/PAGENAME}}

To comment on pages here, click the edit button by the page you wish to comment on. You will then be able to ask for this article to be deleted, kept, or comment on it. Please bear in mind that it is not a poll. Once the request has been running for seven days, an administrator will close as delete, keep or no consensus. It may be SNOWed early if needed.

Administrators: When you close requests, please add them to the archive under the proper header. New pages should go at the bottom of the section.

Articles for deletion

None at this time

Redirects for deletion

None at this time

Categories for deletion

None at this time

Other things for deletion


Generally redirected to {{QD}}; this should help people on SWMT. I don't see any need of voting templates. Pmlineditor  17:17, 26 October 2009 (UTC)[reply]