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Issue 1 - November, 23, 2008

599 users, 272 articles, 2,965 pages, 12,922 changes.

Special Announcements Other Information

  • Statistics and Goals Simple English Wikiquote has set a goal to reach 300 articles at the end of the year.
  • Christmas and other Holidays A Main Page for Christmas is being created here and here. General discussion is here.
  • New gadgets Simple English Wikiquote has new gadgets for use. Please check them out in your settings.

From a selected user...

An article about Simple English Wikiquote's future, by American Eagle (read it!)

  • 250 articles Simple English Wikiquote now has 250 articles with the creation of Thomas Jefferson.
  • New Main Page design The Main Page has been redesigned. It is basically the same, but with squared corners and fixed spacing.
  • Reported bug Coppertwig couldn't view pages, so he reported a bug (16387) at 23:25 November 18, 2008, but it is now all in order.

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