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A link to a funny comic: [1] !

You can talk to me on my talk page, my English Wikipedia talk page, or by email. Feel free to give me a message if you want a username change, if an RfA hasn't been closed for more than 24 hours, or many other reasons (I like getting messages).

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." (attributed to Einstein)

Links for me to use:

I've contributed to Simple English Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, French Wikipedia and even Croatian (Hrvatski) Wikipedia.

I've also written many definitions for Simple English Wiktionary, as well as figuring out how to get (some) Babel boxes working there. (Easy; just copy Template:Babel over from English Wikipedia, but took me a while to figure that out.)


See DefendEachOther and w:en:User:Coppertwig#Civility.

Message to stewards

To Stewards: If at any time the following 3 things are true:

  1. I'm the only bureaucrat on this project (or all other bureaucrats have been inactive for a long time or for some other reason people don't think they will do the regular bureaucrat work); and
  2. I've been inactive on this project for 23 days or longer, not counting planned wikibreaks, after someone has asked me on my talk page to do a bureaucrat action; and
  3. I've been inactive on this project for 19 days or longer after someone has asked me on my English Wikipedia talk page to come to this project and do a bureaucrat action;

If those three things are all true, then I ask you, Stewards, to please do the bureaucrat work on this project the way you would do it if there were no bureaucrats on this project.

If I say in the section "Wikibreaks" below that I'm going on a wikibreak, then this message doesn't do anything during the wikibreak or during the 23 days after I said the wikibreak was going to end. Only if I'm still inactive 23 days after the time I said the wikibreak was going to end, then please start doing the bureaucrat work at that time.

I might leave different instructions in the Wikibreaks section for planned wikibreaks.

If I'm inactive for a shorter time, this message does nothing. In that case, please decide what to do the same way you would if I hadn't written this message.

"Inactive" for a time means that there are no changes (edits) or other actions in my "user's changes" (contributions) in that time.


Planned wikibreaks: every Monday to Thursday for several weeks, beginning April 2009 (with exceptions).

Discussion that happened about closing some RfBs

American Eagle's first RfB

American Eagle's second RfB


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)[1]

Cascading protection

Administrators can put pages on this page: Wikiquote:Protected pages to stop people from creating those pages. --Coppertwig 13:29, 19 March 2008 (UTC) (Maybe this is not needed any more.)

User subpages

User:Coppertwig/Test template User:Coppertwig/sandbox

It's easy. You edit the page Mediawiki:Editsection and make it say "change". If you want to find other things like that to change, you can look at the page Special:Allmessages.

Simple English Wikiquote has 1 admins and 588 articles and 5,942 pages and 2,696 users.

Things to do

pages that the need translation template links to.


See MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition and for example MediaWiki:Gadget-Hotcat.js. I can test by putting in User:Coppertwig/monobook.js. (Or not. Maybe I don't know what to write there.)

Testing logos