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I would like some help with my wiki Wikireligion.
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I work a lot at wikipedia. I have over 4,300 edits there. In November 2006 I was most active on wikipedia simple but in December I have not been active there at all. The reason for me not being there a lot is because vandalism just has not been that bad witch is great but what I do is fight vandalism. I have some edits at wiktionary but all of them are reverts and a lot of them are not good because of not being careful enough. Here and there I will make a edit at wikiquote but you can't call me active there. I also sometimes drop by meta-wiki to look at recent changes and check messages. I am a sysop at the test wiki and at wikitainment. Recently I have gotton active at wikia. What I do there is try to get active in inactive wiki's and try to help build them up and get them active. The reason why I am so active in wiki's is because I feel that they are a great resource and it would be a sham for any of them to fall apart.

Wiki pilosophy

The most important thing is civility. It makes things easy if you are civil because it avoids conflict in most cases. I try to make sure that everyone feels welcomed. When fighting vandalism I look for IP's. I also look for articles on religious and political articles. When fighting vandalism it is also very important to use tools. I use a roolback button and wikiguard. All of these tools make things much quicker.

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