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Wikipedia is a Web-based, freely editable (changeable) encyclopedia owned by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

Sourced quotes

  • "[H]owever closely a Wikipedia article may at some point in its life attain to reliability, it is forever open to the uninformed or semiliterate meddler."    
Simple: Even if a Wikipedia article is close to being factual, there is still a possibility of information being added by a user who doesn't know anything about the subject.
About the quote: Critique given by former Encyclopædia Britannica editor Robert McHenry in an oft-cited 2004 piece The Faith-Based Encyclopedia.
  • "Fuck them."[1]
Simple: I do not care what they say.
About the quote: Stephen Colbert, March 1, 2006, in response to Arianna Huffington's claim that Wikipedia says that he merely "popularized" the term "truthiness".

About Wikipedia

  • "At last, an encyclopedia by potheads!" – Dave Attell
Simple: At last, an encyclopedia made by drug users!
  • "The real problem is not Wikipedia, but reporters who fail to check their facts." – Joseph Wilson
Simple: Wikipedia is not the problem, reporters are.
  • "Wikipedia knows all, and what it doesn't know, you can tell it." – Shaye Horwitz
Simple: Wikipedia knows everything, and if it doesn't know something you can teach it.
  • "Possibly the greatest idea of the Computer Age." – BritishWebWorld magazine
Simple: Wikipedia might be the best idea in the Computer Age.
  • "Relevance is always in question, my young neophyte. Welcome to Wikipedia." – Sholom Keller
  • "Wikipedia is not a created encyclopedia, but rather is creating an encyclopedia." – Josh Cogliati
Simple: Wikipedia is not created, it is being created.
  • "The big secret of course is that Wikipedia is not really about an encyclopedia, it's just a big game of nomic." – Jimbo Wales
Simple: The big secret, of course, is that Wikipedia is not really about an encyclopedia, it is just a big game on nomic.
  • "When the best sort of sysop has to break the law to do what everyone knows is right, there's something wrong with the law." – Jimbo Wales
Simple: When the best type of administrator has to break the law to do what everyone knows is right, there is something wrong with the law.
  • "We don't know how many unique users visit the site because we're lame and don't keep track of it - we don't sell advertising, so we don't have to." – Jimmy Wales
Simple: We do not know many different users visiting the website because we are silly and do not record it - we do not sell advertising, so we do not have to.
  • "The extensive range of information makes it a must for any student" – Matthew Smollen
Simple: The large range of data makes it a good thing for any student.
Simple: We make the internet a good place.
Simple: We at Wikipedia make the Internet not be a horrible place to be.
  • "The best thing about Wikipedia is that you can make up your own information to put on it!" – David Smith
Simple: The best thing about Wikipedia is that you put made-up information onto your page!


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