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Wikiquote:Criteria for administratorship

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This page is a guideline on Wikiquote.
It tells about ways to do things, which many users agree should be the way things should be done.
Major changes to this page should be talked about on the talk page before changing.

Administrators are users with access to extra features to help Wikiquote run smoothly. Requests to become an administrator can be made at requests for adminship.

Criteria to become an administrator

Familiarity with rules and with editing

  • Candidates must understand the rules of the Simple English Wikiquote.
  • Candidates should know how to edit. For this reason, a user should have at least several hundred changes to Simple English Wikiquote, but there is no exact number of changes needed. In general, having a small number of very good and helpful changes is better than having many low quality changes.
  • There are different sections of Simple English Wikiquote. To become an administrator, it is good if most of the candidate's changes are in the sections that make Simple English Wikiquote better. We are made better by adding or editing articles (in the "Main" section), by writing or improving templates (the "Template" section), or by making the category system better (mostly in the "Category" section). Many editors do not support candidates who have made most of their changes to the "User" or "User talk" namespaces.