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Wikiquote does not use software article locks on pages, because some feel that there would be less openness. Page protection is never to be used to stop users from changing articles unless if there is vandalism.

{{inuse}} template

There is, however, an {{inuse}} template to tell other people that you are making a big change to a page. Other people can still change the page, but it is polite to wait until the user has removed the tag. If you placed the tag on an article and have finished changing it, or the article has not been changed in the last 2 hours, you should remove the template so that other people can change the page. Please do not substitute this template (add {{inuse}} and not {{subst:inuse}}. The template looks like this:

Crystal Clear app clock.png
An editor is currently changing this project page for a short while. In the terms of Wikiquote this is called major edit.

As a courtesy, please do not edit this article when you see this message. The person who added this notice will be listed in the history of this article. If this article has not been edited recently, please remove this template.
This message is intended to help reduce edit conflicts; please remove it between editing sessions to allow others to improve the article.